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EV2 is a new and unique exploration acreage valuation offering that combines the deep geologic knowledge of CGG Robertson with the economic expertise of Wood Mackenzie. This unmatched partnership has created an independent, unbiased and consistent way to differentiate block level subsurface risk, volume and value potential.

Bespoke Play Mapping

EV2 will help you save time by providing a baseline geologic assessment of subsurface risk, play level lead density and hydrocarbon phase to quantify block level volume and value potential. Have a different view? Upload your own tailored geological data or change the oil price assumption to test scenarios, get answers and focus resource.

Exploded Map
  • Reservior
  • Source / Charge
  • Seal
  • Preservation
  • Trap Density
  • Phase
EV2 Map

Monte Carlo Simulation

  • Guided by play level spatial geologic risk maps and statistical yet-to-find metrics
  • Simulates full drill out scenario
  • 1,000 iterations per play
  • Generates P10, P50, P90 estimates

Block Valuation

  • Prospect specific economic modelling
  • Accounts for field size, water depth and hydrocarbon phasing
  • Considers development scenario,infrastructure, oil and gas prices and block specific fiscal terms

Use it to:

  • Save time by quickly screening basin, play and block level volume and value stochastic outputs and P10, P50 and P90 estimates
  • Compare value of exploration acreage against other asset classes using consistent methodology across regions
  • Evaluate subsurface risks and extract phase, prospect density and combined common risk segment (CCRS) shapefiles
  • Strategically benchmark existing acreage portfolio against competitors to identify potential new venture and partnership opportunities
  • Edit underlying subsurface risk maps, statistical yet-to-find (YTF) metrics and oil price assumptions to develop custom scenarios

EV2 Global Coverage (180 Basins)

EV2 Coverage

Your next move in exploration has never been so clear